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[Paper by Strategic] Employee Advocacy in bad weather

Employee Advocacy or “Employee Ambassador” aims to make employees ambassadors for the company not only in their professional life, but also in their everyday life, especially on their social networks. 2 benefits identified by companies : 1- MEANS OF STRENGTHENING THEIR REPUTATION 2- LEVERAGE TO DEVELOP THE EMPLOYER BRAND The practice of Employee Advocacy must […]

[PAPER by Strategic] Crisis: too early or too late ?

When there is a crisis, many directors find the price to pay too high, especially when the organisation is in a perfectly calm situation. The question of price however is secondary compared to that of time. Training key personnel, organising stress tests, putting into place procedures or setting up the war room, all represent a […]

[PAPER by Strategic] To Simulate or not ?

Perhaps you are one of those lucky people who have never had to face a crisis, who knows ? By definition a crisis is a situation the organisation cannot manage by ordinary means. Crisis communication is the same. And if we looked a little further: crisis is opportunity. Subjecting your organisation voluntarily to a crisis […]

[PAPER by Strategic] Trump and Ancient Rome: ”Take The Risk Or Lose The Chance”

While web sites are rushing to mock Donald Trump’s latest blunder, it makes sense to ask the following question: was it really a blunder ? For those who missed it Donald Trump declared , “The United States and Italy are bound together by a shared cultural and political heritage dating back thousands of years to […]

[ZOOM ON] Lubrizol : When the crisis spreads ….

The fire at the Lubrizol plant was still very much in the news one week after the incident. The industrial accident initially passed under the media radar in favour of the death of Jacques Chirac, to reappear even more strongly, like a reignited fire, 3 days later, affecting not only the industrial company but also […]

[PAPER by Strategic] Covid-19 and the right to withdraw labour ? Legal aspects and communication advice

The New Caledonian government has urged activity to continue with teleworking where possible (except for leisure activities) but your employees are anxious and we are already hearing of “the right to withdraw labour” or even the closing down of activity. The main risk: giving your employees the impression that you are sacrificing their health (or […]

[PAPER by Strategic] Covid-19: the art of the rebound

The world epidemic of Covid-19 will certainly result in more serious consequences than the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Our economy, which was already in a delicate situation, will probably suffer. And even if New Caledonia succeeds in winning the battle locally, borders are not going to re-open while the world is still at war. For […]